01. Introduction

Deals Nearby as the name suggests is a modern solution to get all the deals and discounts nearby you. It acquires the current location of the user and suggests and gives the best deals happening around you.

02. Basic Task

To create a simple solution that lists all the deals and discounts near you and buy them and redeem them at the respective outlets.

03. Problem Statement

Every offer or discount from malls reach to everyone through various medium like newspaper, social media, hoardings. But the small business owners like restaurants, salon, spa and other small scale businesses are unable to reach to every customer with their offers and discounts and thus are not able to get satisfactory numbers of walk-ins.

04. Approach

For a problem statement like this, there need to be held some user interviews first, the customer and the outlet owners too. User personas had to be created based on that Information. After all of that is done, Information Architecture, affinity mapping and then the final designs had to be created.

User Questionnaire

Below are the list of questions asked to the Customers

  • 1. How much do you use your phones?
  • 2. Do you use your phones for online shopping? If yes Which applications have you used until now to do online shopping?
  • 3. Do you look for offers or discounts while making a purchase?
  • 4. Have you ever used any apps for looking for discounts or offers?
  • 5. If there are any offers or discounts near you, how do you come to know of it?
  • 6. How do you redeem the offers or discounts at a particular store or outlet?

Outlet owner Questionnaire

Below are the list of questions asked to the outlet owners

  • 1. How much of the walkins you get per day?
  • 2. What are the ways of reaching to the customer?
  • 3. Do you offer any deals or discounts to attract customers?
  • 4. How much do you use your phones for your business?

05. User Persona

Based on the user questionnaires and answers, a User Persona was created.

05. Mind Map & User Flows

After the creation of the persona, a mind Map and user flow diagram was created..

06. Visual Design

Below shown are the final visual designs.