01. Introduction

Cryptopher is a crypto exchange platform that offers a wide array of functions related to cryptocurrency such as Investing, Trading(Spot, Futures), NFTs, Currency Conversions, where else can you get all in one place.

02. Basic Task

Create a crypto exchange, trading and investing platform which incorporates all the features required for any cryptocurrency functions and still be easy to use for users for any kind of tech-savviness.

03. Problem Statement

In the current market, cryptocurrency is the new trend for investing or trading. A market so new and with so much potential, every body wants to jump in on it and make that extra dough by investing or by trading. The problem with the current market is that while operating current Exchange portals like Binance or Crypto.com or anything similar, a newbie gets lost for the first time. A person trying out crypto for the first time doesnt know how it is going to operate. How will the purchases or sales happen. Complexity is the main problem statement here in crypto as of now.

04. Approach

In the first phase of the project, i wanted to address the core problem statement, that is complexity in it. Solving that we can then incorporate n number of advanced features coming alongside, always keeping the simplicity at its core.

05. User Questionnaire

Below are the list of questions for Crypto enthusiasts

  • 1. Do you invest in stock markets or any other commodities?
  • 2. How much do you use for banking? or any other monetary purposes?
  • 3. Have you ever heard of cryptocurrency? If Yes, how much would you be interested in making money out of it?
  • 4. Have you ever used any apps for crypto exchange or NFT lookout?
  • 5. What are the problems that you currently face in those exchanges?
  • 6. How much assisstance do you require while making investments?

06. User Persona

Based on the user questionnaires and answers, a User Persona was created.

07. Conclusion

So based on the user persona and interviews, i devised a solution. For a huge exchange like this, things could become a bit complex. But turning that complexity for user's facilitation and not frustration was the ultimate goal. What would the first thing a user does when he's lost, he searches for things, for functions, for buttons anything to get things up and running. So why not make search the 'ULTIMATE HERO' for the entire app. Let's say user wants to look for a coin or someone just told him to check out this amazing NFT project that had just dropped, or if he wants some help regarding deposit or trading, this search will provide everything.

08. Wireframe & Visual Design

More Screens coming soon.