01. Introduction

Divine is a policy issuing company that issues insurances of every type. This project was a portal that helps Agents of the company in issuing insurances with utmost ease.

02. Basic Task

With over thousands of agents working for the insurance firm, there needed a portal that any agent can use without having to contact the firm HQ for issuing a new policy. The main aim was to centralize all the operations an Agent can perform and track all their activities in one single platform.

03. Problem Statement

The current version of the portal was not very user friendly. The main task was to Redesign and Reimplement the process of selling insurance policies by the insurance company keeping in mind the Covid-19 was on rise and so was the cost of Hospital bills of the people suffered from it, thereby creating an urgency for having Health Insurances that could be issued in just few steps. Building a new system for the agents that allows them to do their functions in minimum time and also allow them to keep track every task they have performed.

04. Solution

To Design a viable Dashboard that addresses all the requirements of an agent while creating or renewing a policy. Also rectify the pain-points suffered by them and make the solution usable by them with maximum efficiency.

05. Wireframe

Created a hi-fidelity wireframe to bring out the best solution for all the above mentioned pain points and tasks for an agent

06. Visual Design

Below shown are the final designs with sticker sheet.